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Edible is an alternative catering company, that has specialized in conceptual and interactive dining experiences for your private or company event. I offer tailored solutions and designs that connects the food that is served, with your guests, location or the specific theme of your special occasion. Edible is run by chef Anna Østergaard Laursen with humour, creativity and an always playful mind-set. Contact me if you are sick of impersonal catering and are seeking a surprising, different and fun way to eat.

Anna is one of the most creative chefs we have worked with in the last 1,5 years. Her knowledge in the science behind food lets her engineer abstract ideas into full flavor experiences. Our favorite part is watching people's amazed reactions on how well thought through her concepts are. Anna is not only a highly skilled and ambitious chef but also a lovely warm person with authenticity.

  Anastasia Dimitriadou, Bite Me Crew

Anna is a pure joy to work with! She ran a series of dinners for us for the wine brand SPIER - all with different themes in various locations. Her ideas are both creative and conceptual, but her execution skills are also impeccable. Anna jumps right in to any task and ensures that events are a success. I would use her again in a heartbeat.

François Botha, +Simple

I had the joy of a Christmas party, where the food became a surprising turning point. For this I have to thank Edible, as her 3 courses conjoined our theme; James Bond. Anna really understands to bring the chosen atmosphere of the party into the dining experience.

Silja Vase, Kommunikation & Sprog

Supported by Anna’s professional qualifications her curiosity to new culinary adventures is one of her most important skills. If you are a business with ambitions and want to experience a kitchen performer with a high level of energy and enthusiasm, do invite Anna to be a part of your team. What you give, you’ll get back tenfold. Make room for her open-minded attitude and creativity. Let her talent grow. You will not be disappointed.

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